"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Friday, December 9, 2011

Barack the Bad Ass Assasin

In response to the GOP presidential candidates calling him an appeaser, Obama said "ask Osama Bin Laden or any one of the other dead Al Qaeda leaders if I am an appeaser".

Isn't it like the progressives to make a straw man argument in order to misrepresent who they really are?  It is a little like the police chief whose town is unsafe to walk around saying "ask the jay walkers we have been ticketing at a record pace if we are soft on crime". 

This Administration has done nothing but appease: they have appeased the Russians by giving up our missile shield; they have appeased the Palestinians by abandoning our ally Israel (remember the 1967 borders debacle?); they have appeased the radical Muslims in Iran by turning their backs on Iranian protesters and allowing them to be slaughtered just for a chance to sit at the table with Ahmedinejad;  they have appeased Muslims here at home by calling the Fort Hood shootings a case of "work place violence" and the shooting of the Army recruitment center in Little Rock as "a random act" - both by Muslims who have indicated their devotion to Jihad -; they have appeased every little tin pot dictator from Venezuela to Honduras to you name the banana republic; the list is too long to go on but you get the point.

Yes, the President has succeeded in assassinating senior Al Qaeda leaders but that is where his bravado ends. Otherwise, Barack the assassin has only succeeded in assassinating one other thing: Our prestige and influence around the world.



Obama is simply a tool on Soros' string. The entire regime is run by idiots who have no idea that TAKING A PRISONER and "mining" them for info is better than killing them in the long run.

Tenth Generation Patriot said...

He did only take four days to decide to kill the Somali pirates. Maybe he is a dangerous man. Oh, wait. He is dangerous, but only to Americans, not our enemies.