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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pelosi's Legacy

Rep. Steve Israel (N.Y.), the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, on a MSNBC interview said his goal is nothing short of winning back control of the House in the 2012 elections.
This statement, along with the apparent disdain displayed by House Democrats for the U.S. Constitution, indicate clearly that they do not get the gravity of the debt problem we are facing nor are they willing to tackle it. 

Pelosi and her merry gang have controlled the House of Representatives, thus the purse strings, since January 1, 2007.  Here is her legacy, with the previous two Speakers of the House thrown in for comparison:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

Debt at Jan. 4, 2007:      $8,670,596,242,973.04
Debt at Jan. 4, 2011:    $14,014,049,043,294.41
New debt added:            $5,343,452,800,321.37
Total days served:                               1,461 days
Debt added per day:              $3,657,394,113.84

Speaker Dennis Hastert:

Debt at Jan. 6, 1999:      $5,615,428,551,461.33
Debt at Jan. 3, 2007:      $8,677,214,255,313.07
New debt added:            $3,061,785,703,851.74
Total days served:                                       2,920
Debt added per day:              $1,048,556,747.89

Speaker Newt Gingrich:

Debt at Jan. 4, 1995:     $4,801,793,426,032.89
Debt at Jan. 3, 1999:     $5,614,217,021,195.87
New debt added:             $812,423,595,162.98
Total days served:                                     1,461
Debt added per day:               $556,073,644.88

If the establishment Republicans, along with the Democrats, carry the day on the issue of deficit reduction, they will have not only failed their current constituents but future generations to come by altering America for ever for the worse.

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