"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Monday, September 27, 2010

Where Are Civil Libertarians Now?

Broad new regulations being drafted by the Obama administration would make it easier for law enforcement and national security officials to eavesdrop on Internet and e-mail communications like social networking Web sites and BlackBerries, The New York Times reported Monday.

The newspaper said the White House plans to submit a bill next year that would require all online services that enable communications to be technically equipped to comply with a wiretap order. That would include providers of encrypted e-mail, such as BlackBerry, networking sites like Facebook and direct communication services like Skype.

Federal law enforcement and national security officials say new the regulations are needed because terrorists and criminals are increasingly giving up their phones to communicate online.

Excuse me but where are the progressives who criticized the Bush Administration for their efforts to listen in on known terrorists' telephone conversations without a court order?  I bet that you will not hear from any of them (like you did not during Echelon program under Clinton Administration that eavesdropped to a much broader segment of the society - including the British government, which created an international incident).
Hypocrisy is the trade mark of all progressives.

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