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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Global Public Education Bailout Bill Introduced

It is amusing to see the progressive liberals of this country scratch their heads cluelessly regarding the blood-bath their party is about to suffer just over a month from now.  The answer is all around them and in the totality of actions taken by this President and his party.  Here is just the latest example (which keep on coming practically on a daily basis!):

As if the $10 billion “public education bailout” wasn’t enough to stomach, U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has introduced a bill, titled Education for All Act of 2010, which would spend American tax dollars on education systems around the globe. It’s S.3797.

U.S. Rep Nita Lowey (D-CA) has introduced similar legislation as H.B. 5117.

While no dollar amount is contained in the legislation, the bill states, “Credible estimates indicate that approximately $16,000,000,000 (yes, that is billions) per year of financing assistance is necessary for developing countries to achieve universal basic education by 2015.”

Does spending money in other countries imply that our system is okay? Or that it’s on a course of improvement? Because in case these members of Congress haven’t noticed, our system kind of stinks (as in functional literacy levels of inner city public school students).  According to McKinsey and Co., American students score 25th in the world for math scores and 24th globally in science.

And we’re focusing on funding education in other countries?
But there must be another objective to spending more American tax dollars overseas. Why would the two national teachers unions, which I would think would be fighting for every penny to bolster the pay and benefits of their *American* dues-payers. Do the national unions now want to start organizing globally, ala Andy Stern and SEIU?
From Gillbrand’s news release, quoting American Federation of Teachers Randi Weingarten:

“This bill, which establishes a Global Fund for Education, is a step toward keeping the promise of providing a free basic education for the 72 million children around the world who do not have an opportunity to go to school.”

Um, Randi, who made the promise that American taxpayers have to keep?

And Weingarten wasn’t the only union leader gushing all over this outsourcing of Americans’ money.

National Education Association Vice President Lily Eskelsen said, “We are five years away from the commitment to achieve universal basic education and we are way behind schedule. We cannot afford to fail."

So American taxpayers, open up your wallets; you haven’t given enough.

Washington’s found another way to fritter away your tax dollars.

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