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Friday, June 18, 2010

Just What Cabinet Are You In Charge Of, Madam Secretary ?

Have you noticed that the basic professionalism that we have taken for granted as long as this country has existed seems nowhere to be found in this administration?  Unless you are a progressive, it is highly unlikely that you have missed the strange and unique (to this administration) phenomena of cross cabinet duty sharing among the Secretaries. 

Among the guilty, none is more prolific than Her Highness Hillary Rodham Clinton.
First, it was taxation and GDP growth in Brazil.  Now it is illegal immigration and legality of the Arizona law.  I am starting to get confused, so help me out here Madam Secretary:  Are you heading the State, Treasury, Justice, or the Homeland Security Department?  I am sorry if I missed other cabinet level duties that you probably have meddled in but there is only so much attention one can humanly pay to this administration's daily gaffes without running out of hours in the day.

It is normally the President who has the latitude to speak on such diverse issues on the record. Secretaries generally stick to issues that are directly connected to their own departments. Call it proper statesmanship, if you like.  This meddling we are witnessing inevitably occurs when there are bigger agendas than just doing your job well. It is not easy for the President to keep his word to fundamentally change this country all by himself, you know.  Come hell or high water, that seems to be the only campaign promise he intends on keeping, with the help of his gang, errr..cabinet, of course.

By the way, don't let it slide by in the confusion of the moment that Madam Secretary let the cat out of the bag in Ecuador 10 days ago during a media interview.  I am curious, was there no American press in the room, and if so, why on earth wouldn't they think it highly news worthy that the President of this country has been caught in yet another deception thanks to the egg Her Highness laid?  Or are they too busy rubber stamping Administration policies to realize when news stares them squarely in the eye?  Just the fact that the governor of a state has to learn such a news from the press of another nation, before she and the citizens that the Secretary is representing were granted the courtesy, should have been stunning enough to any journalist with a trace of integrity left in their useless body. 

Furthermore, I though the Justice Department was studying the law which, by the way, they hadn't read yet as of the beginning of this month.  This President decieving the American public (who support the law by a 2:1 margin) and the governor of Arizona that they were dutifully studying the issue, all the while it was a forgone conclusion that Justice Department will be suing the state?  Hmmmm.  Hard to believe if for the past year and a half you've been living in a cave in Afghanistan or something!

Silly me.  Wasting my time on irrelevant issues such as the systematic destruction of almost everything that has made us the resounding success story America is.

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