"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fool Me Once Shame on You; Fool Me Twice....

Americans voted for Barack Obama in 2008 because of many reasons; among them were Bush fatigue, a boring Republican candidate in McCain who could not make a persuasive argument for his vision and the root of our problems, an ailing economy, the excitement of electing the first minority president, and many more.

In the months leading to November 2008, many on the right (as well as some in the Hillary Clinton camp prior to her defeat in the primaries) rightly raised many troubling questions about this relatively unknown candidate - Barack Obama.  The progressive media quickly circled its wagons around their candidate of choice and protected him from being exposed as the radical collectivist that he had always been.  Obama was quickly painted as a moderate whose radical parents, mentors, associates, speeches, even school records were nothing out of the ordinary.  Obama was never asked the difficult questions.  He was never made to answer any of the well supported allegations.  Heck, no reporter even bothered to ask him what he meant by "fundamental transformation" of America despite the obvious connotations.  Why would anyone who loved his country and the principles it was founded on want to fundamentally transform it?  No one cared to ask questions or demand answers.  The American electorate fell for it and the dye was cast.

The next four years proved the loyal opposition correct on a weekly, daily basis.  Again, the conventional media sources concealed the truth as well as all the myriad of scandals from Fast and Furious to Benghazi, any one of which should have been more than enough to bring down the presidency.  But the American people had a choice - alternative media as well as digging further in to sources like the Reuters and the A.P.; they simply did not exercise their duty as responsible citizens who are charged with protecting the integrity of politics in a republican system of government.

As per polls, Americans still do not believe in a collectivist state. Self identified conservatives outnumber self identified progressives by almost 2:1.  Majority believe that the government is trying to do too much. Almost all Americans who are intellectually honest know the economic dire straits we find our selves in from unemployment to crushing indebtedness.  Yet, Americans, in character with human nature, do not vote with their heads, but rather with their hearts. At the end, Romney could not bridge the head and the heart together.  At the end, although Romney presented a much more distinct and clearer choice compared to McCain, American electorate chose to give the biggest domestic and foreign policy failure in modern times another 4 years to continue on the same disastrous path he put the nation on. 

America has been on the road to ruin for quite a while thanks to continuing advancement of progressivism - over a century to be exact.  This advancement speeded up in the 1950s with the hijacking of the public education system, and later with progressive liberal domination of the media as well as the entertainment establishments.  This type of cumulative effect and the damage it does to the fabric of a society is rarely reversible, if ever.  Obama is just the latest in a long line of grim reapers who have promised what equates to eternal life in return for the soul of the society.  It is sad to see that Americans were not immune from promises that are too good to be true as they lost sight of the timeless principles our nation - the greatest ever devised on earth - was founded on.

Let me be on the record as not blaming Obama for what is about to happen to our country.  I am not even going to blame the media or the educators or entertainers of the nation.  They all have the same agenda, but we all make our own beds and therefore must sleep in them.  Americans made their bed by not being engaged.  On election day 2012, 13 million fewer voters went to the polls compared to 2008 despite the grave problems the nation is faced with.  Democrats had the ground game and overcame the late surge by candidate Romney.  And the rest is history - one that will be marred by the apathy of irresponsible citizens who are directly responsible for what befell America. 

With citizenship comes solemn responsibility.  Americans rejected this responsibility.  They were fooled once in 2008 and I blamed the media establishment.  They were fooled for the second time 4 years later despite everything that happened in the meanwhile. 

Freedom is not only protected by soldiers.  It is first and foremost protected by a citizenry that takes its duty to be vigilant seriously.  Shame on those who would not learn from history.  Shame on them for letting our brave soldiers, preserving their freedoms, shed their blood on foreign soils in vain. 
America could surely survive the rule of collectivists as their reign is but temporary; but America just as surely cannot survive the apathy of its people or the poverty of spirit dependancy brings with it.  This surely was the biggest let down of 2012, nothing else!


Tel said...

"On election day 2012, 13 million fewer voters went to the polls compared to 2008 despite the grave problems the nation is faced with."

Yeah, that surprised me too. The attitude seems to be a belief that Washington can't fix things so voting will just legitimatise the process.

Gary Johnson got 1% of the vote, and the people who voted for him must have understood that he wasn't going to win, so you have to presume those people just wanted to protest the failure of the current system.

Speaking of failure, people are getting into the "Why Bother?" mentality. I mean if things are going to screw up anyway, I might as well reduce my stress levels, and spend a bit of time with my family rather than grinding away at a job where I think I'm achieving something but it's going to get taken away from me anyhow.

I've resolved to spend more time talking to my neighbours, more time in the garden, and out in the shed doing my own stuff, might even visit a church (not that I believe or anything, just curious about what goes on in there), and I'm going to spend a lot less time working my guts out for other people. If that means I lose a bit of weight, and can't have any more big dinners and good scotch, then ahh well, I can live without those things. What happens is what happens.

American Patriot said...


it boggles the mind how people think that not voting will improve their life style. Why are people so shallow? Why can't they think critically? Oh wait, they killed that ability off starting in the 1950s when the Marxists took over teachers unions.

It all makes perfect sense. Too perfect and scary!

Zachriel said...

American Patriot: America has been on the road to ruin for quite a while thanks to continuing advancement of progressivism - over a century to be exact.