"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Thursday, June 28, 2012

R.I.P. America - It Was Good While It Lasted

Up to the last minute, many constitutional law experts and almost everyone else were sure that Obamacare was not going to survive in the SCOTUS, especially after the disastrous performance of the Administration at the hearings.

...And then the unthinkable happened...

Thank you Chief Justice Roberts, I hope you sleep well for the rest of your miserable life since you now have the figurative blood of free America on your hands!

I just blogged two days ago that, in the foot steps of the terrible Arizona illegal immigration ruling, I was afraid to see the decision that would come out of the SCOTUS. Was I justified in my fears or what?!
As we say in Turkish, "the village that you can see does not need a guide to get to" (loosely translated). The Arizona decision was a clear harbinger of things to come.

Today's decision to uphold Obamacare in its entirety will undoubtedly go down in history among the worst SCOTUS decisions. America just took a decisive turn towards collectivism, likes of which there are no detours from. When FDR crammed Social Security down our collective throats, the opposition was hopeful of repealing it too. Much later, Medicare...the same hopefulness was found among those who realized how these small steps were undermining the foundation of America. None, none of it, were ever repealed because it is extraordinarily tough to repeal an existing law. What is required is nearly 2/3 of the congress made up of like minded freedom lovers, and the likelihood of that in a country where about half the population is on some type of government assistance is next to zero. Hanging any hopes on a November victory would be misplaced optimism.

So, what is next? We all know the story already...a bunch of gutless Republicans will talk big, the base will be energized, promises of repeal will fly through the air non-stop, blah, blah, blah....

At the end, this travesty will stand like many others before it stood and there is nothing you and I could do to change that. You see, the insidious nature of socialism is similar to that of a terminal cancer that eats away at the healthy tissues and organs of the body. Once started, there is little hope of return from short of a miracle. Ever increasing numbers of people on government assistance are like drug addicts that are fed small doses of narcotics every day. Their numbers will only increase until the day the system completely collapses, like it is starting to happen in Europe.

No my freedom loving friends, our choices are being dwindled down. We are being trapped in an inescapable corner where we will have only two choices: become a serf to the state, or rebel openly. The choice is not a pretty one, but I am afraid it is the only one left. There is no return from this point on the road to oppressive collectivism that the left has embarked on over eight decades ago. They have taken over the educational system that sees to it that the new generations cannot think for themselves. They have taken over the media that continually feeds their propaganda to the unsuspecting apathetic masses and ignores news detrimental to their collectivist ideology. They have taken over the courts, the bureaucracy, entertainment, and many other aspects of life. All we have left for us is our families and religious organizations (heck, they have even taken over some of those). Although our numbers are strong, we are isolated and many of us feel weak. So, the question remains, will we fight or be enslaved quietly?

The main difference between Democrats and many in the Republican Party seems to be their approach to big government – not their determination to do away with it. The only apparent solutions left are open rebellion or secession. Open rebellion, like the massive Tea party rallies of 2009-2010, has all but been forgotten...again thanks to apathy, which I have been critical of. A big purpose these rallies served was the sense of empowerment they gave to people, but they practically disappeared among bickering and ineptness of various Tea Party leaders.

Secession - as outrageous as it sounds to many - on the other hand is the only viable - and difficult - solution left. After all, we are a nation of 50 supposedly sovereign states, though you would not know it from the actions of this Administration. Challenges to state sovereignty over enforcing the integrity of their borders, elections, or business environment have been taking a toll on their relationships with the federal government. Will deliberate betrayal of the concept of federalism eventually move some states to declare their independence? Only time and the will of freedom loving Americans will tell.

The unchangeable reality remains that individualists cannot coexist with collectivists. Collectivism must feed from the fruits of individualism, therefore it must - and will - dominate. As such, those who value individual rights over the perceived rights of the collective must now drive towards the goal of pushing for red states like Utah, Texas, and others to secede from the union. Then, and only then, will the freedom loving Americans have a haven to turn to. We must not fool our selves, however, in that there will be many road-blocks on the way to achieving this goal and the potential for violence will always be there. The determination needed will be unequalled ever since the determination shown by our founding fathers. In a sense, we will have to re-form this country from its own ashes if we hope to have our children live in a free nation once again.

Sounds pessimistic? Yes, yet it is strangely optimistic at the same time. Is it unfounded fear? Our own history, along with that of the world, begs to differ.
In the coming days and weeks, there will be much analysis of the SCOTUS decision made by all sorts of people, but the end result will remain unchanged. America that we knew as the freest, most glorious nation in modern times has been dying a slow death. The latest SCOTUS decision was the news that cancer has spread to the lymph nodes. Soon, the patient will die. How soon? The proximity of that virtually inevitable conclusion is not important in the overall scheme. The deep sense of loss is already there, accompanied with a sense of having let down our children, who not only will suffer the terrible financial consequences but will never know America as we and the generations before us did. The profound sadness that I feel for America to which I emigrated over three decades ago is almost unbearable.

Rest In Peace America. It was good while it lasted.


Gunny G said...

It'll be the 53% supporting the rest of the bums, as before until the last person finally says F IT and quits working for a living.

Tel said...

Looks like the Republicans are putting their effort into holding the AG in contempt for handing out guns to Mexican gangs. Oh well, that's a worthwhile cause. Maybe we will finally learn something about what is really going on, or maybe not.

I bookmarked a page of Turkish proverbs:

Görünen köy kılavuz istemez. -- A village that you can see in a distance do not require a guide.

... and by favourite ...

Zenginin malı, fakirin çenesini yorar. -- The rich man’s wealth tires the poor man's jaw.

I'm going to have a lot of fun with these.

Tel said...

We are being trapped in an inescapable corner where we will have only two choices: become a serf to the state, or rebel openly.

You know there's a rumour going round that as times get tough, more and more people are discovering the benefits of stealth, cunning and corruption. Not that I'd know of course, it's just what I hear.

There's another rumour going around that at the end of financial year the local supermarket chain near my place is so desperate to make their books look good that they are selling off their quality scotch remarkably cheaply! I guess the Australian market is not bulletproof after all, nor my liver for that matter. In return for your excellent Turkish proverbs, may I offer a very old sailor's proverb? It belongs to no particular race, and was a common tattoo once upon a time... the simple words:


The Patriot said...


I can always count on your sharp wit, my friend. Thank you for providing some moral support at a difficult time for our nation - and the world as it will become apparent as things get worse.

You know, it is not a rumor that people discover the benefits of stealth, cunning, and corruption when things turn bad. Just look at countries like Bulgaria (or any other former iron curtain countries) pre 1990s or even Europe after WWII. Sinan knows this well also. The whole economy moves underground in order to avoid the government. It is a sad byproduct of policies gone bad.

Again thank you Tel.

Anonymous said...

Your rewarded in this country for hard work and sacrifice plain and simple. The current retarded administration is destroying America with it's concept of spreading the wealth by penalising successful people that made the right decisions in life, it's called trickle up poverty and is a breeding ground for non productive parasites. most poor people have no drive or ambition and do nothing but bitch about the rich and being poor. If it wasn't for the rich none of us would have jobs. competitive capitalism made America great, NOT socialism.

The Patriot said...

You got it Anon.

Anonymous said...

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