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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thoughts on Healthcare Law

The most recent Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that fully three quarters of those polled want something other than the SCOTUS to uphold the law.  In fact, two thirds of the population (assuming the poll was done correctly and is a proxy for the sentiments of the citizenry) want Obamacare to be either thrown out completely or stripped of its mandate, without which it could not work (not that it will even if it is upheld in its entirety!)

I have listened to Mark Levin explain the arguments that will be made to the SCOTUS on both sides.  Although I understand the legal arguments, doesn't it beg the question that public sentiment coupled with the circumstances surrounding the passage of the law invalidate the whole damn thing?

The Affordable Patient Care (Obamacare) bill was written by only Democrats.  It was passed without a single Republican vote.  Further, it passed using all the trickery in the books, making false promises, and buying votes of reluctant Democrats, none of whom even read the bill.  After the passage, as details of the bill came to light, even some Democrats, mainly pro-life ones, said that in hind sight they would not have voted for the bill.  Finally, plurality of the public has been against Obamacare since it passed.

It is not the venue of the Court to decide the case based on the above circumstances, however is a law that passes under such dubious circumstances and has no meaningful support from the public really valid?  Forget the constitutionality question; what kind of a country are we living in that a few ideological power wielders can so fundamentally transform this country?  If the SCOTUS does not overturn this sham of a law, how will the American people respond?  Should that eventuality occur, we will finally know if we still live in the land of the free from the swift response or lack thereof come November.

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