"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Obamacare Chickens Keep Coming Home to Roost

It must be hell for those Democrats like Rep.s Stupak and Dahlkemper who held back their crucial votes for the passage of Obamacare; that is until they were reassured by the shameless liar himself that there would be no public abortion funding or forced participation in the vile practice.  They paid a hefty price for their naïveté.

There was a dead give away that it was all a lie since the president opted for an Executive Order rather than use the power of his office and his political capital to push the U.S. Senate to adopt the Stupak amendment to the bill.  An EO is a joke; not an integral part of a law.  Too bad these naïve (and incompetent) Democrats, without whose votes Obamacare would not have passed, fell for it despite their supposed expertise in these matters.

Yet, those who bothered to read the bill (not Democrats, of course) said abortion funding and forced practice were in the bill all the while being demagogued by the progressive elites in the media, academia, punditry, politics and elsewhere.  As Rep. Joe Wilson’s “you lie” outburst at the SOTU punctuated, they lied about it all: not only the public funding of and forced practicing of abortions regardless of one’s beliefs, but also tax payer funded care for illegals, death panels (which will be apparent in two years unless this thing is overturned), supposed costs that have just been upped again by the CBO for the nth time, impact it will have on private insurance availability, rationing (as physician owned hospitals started disappearing soon after the passage of the bill), etc. etc.

Welcome to utopia, all you remorseful Democrats.  I doubt, however, that any of them will renounce the party of lies they once represented like Senator Zell Miller did.


P.S.  You will not read this in the MSM since their sole purpose is to provide cover for the collectivist policies of Democrats.


Gunny G said...

Good post. Obama is up to his butt in alligators and if we had equal justice in America, he'd be long gone.

That said, here is my link for raising money for Santorum. If you can give to the ONLY Conservative in the race, please do. And pass the link on.


The Patriot said...

Thanks Gunny. Will do.