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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Week That Was: More Outrageous News Capsules

The highlight of the week was, of course, Obama displaying another power-grab by ignoring the U.S. Constitution, his Administration’s own words to the SCOTUS last year, the Senate rules, and a century of precedent set by previous Administrations.

But, a lawless Administration that has set precedence by headlining at least a few outrages per week since their inauguration would be amiss if they had not made the headlines elsewhere.  They did, and here are those news capsules in case you missed them:

Rubber Stamping Immigrant Visas:

An IG report disclosed that officials at the USCIS are pressuring visa officers to rubber stamping immigrant visa requests quickly even if the case is suspected to involve fraud.  The pressure has been stepped up ever since Obama administration appointed Alejandro Mayorkas as director in August 2009 during an effort to pass comprehensive immigration reform, bringing with him a mantra of “get to yes.”

They need to make sure that there are enough illegals to push Obama over the finish line come November, you know….

DOJ's Misleading Voter Statistics:

In interfering with state voter identification legislation in South Carolina, the DOJ has not-so-cleverly twisted statistics to make it look like the minorities disproportionately would be disenfranchised since a significantly higher percentage of them have no picture identification.  Never mind the fact that the real disparity is 1.6% of the electorate (not the 20% they claim), or the fact that South Carolina's legislation provides for free ID cards to be given to anyone who needs it and cannot afford it.

Of course, the Administration is once again thumbing their nose at the SCOTUS since the Court ruled in the 2008 Crawford v. Marion County Election Board decision that an Indiana law mandating photo identification at the voting booth was indeed constitutional.

The real motive, of course, is twofold: to protect voter fraud Democrats routinely engage in through third parties like ACORN, and to whip up a frenzy among minorities who are less than fired up about the upcoming election.  With the willing complicity of the left wing media, they seem to be succeeding for now.

Elementary School Indoctrination in Virginia:

Cultural Marxism is alive and well.  A couple of school districts in Virginia (one of them mine) have allowed Kid Pan Alley to introduce our children to the evils of the 1% as well as singing the wonders of having elected our savior: Barack Mmm Mmm Obama.

I blame the parents here for not being outraged by the brain washing of their children.  More of us must simply become involved with our local PTAs and School Boards.

Republican Candidates Apparently Threaten the Fabric of Our Society:

The Obama campaign staff is busy telling their supporters that the Republicans candidates will have "to run even further to the extreme right, and make even more dangerous promises that threaten not only the progress we’ve made but the fundamental fabric of American society".

Since when is the fabric of our society dependent on crony capitalism and outright socialism?  Just wondering!  I must have been asleep for the past half a century.

News flash: Requiring a High School Diploma Can Now Be Considered Discrimination:

The Obama EEOC has sent out a letter informing employers that requiring a H.S. diploma could be discriminating to those who may not have been able to graduate due to a disability (as specified by ADA).  So, now a pin headed bureaucrat in Washington will be dictating who you need to hire regardless of whether they are capable of doing the job or not.

Oh the lunacy...

Administration Gets Ready to Deal the Decisive Blow on Coal:

The EPA has announced that it will "issue its Utility NSPS (New Source Performance Standards) sometime in January". Any new utility plants will have to meet a new set of environmental standards – standards that conveniently work out great for natural gas but are prohibitively expensive for coal plants, even new ones, to meet.

After all, Obama did vow to kill the coal industry (as well as other fossil fuels in due course), didn't he?  Oh yes, he did!

While the EPA Distributes "Environmental Justice Grants"

...to all sorts of off-the-wall groups.

Cordray Appointment - Par for Course for Obama Administration:

Mr. Cordray, who will be heading the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (or better labeled as Affirmative Action in Lending Bureau, or Increasing the Cost of Your Financial Transactions Bureau) thanks to the unconstitutional actions of the President once said lawsuits against Obamacare are "frivolous" because courts have held, and Cordray seems to agree that, any legislation which has even "incidental effects on the economy" is a "valid exercise of congressional authority" because of the commerce clause.  In other words, commerce clause basically negates the rest of the constitution.

What is one more radical bent on fundamentally transforming this country in this Administration?  It is full of them!

Note to Harry Reed - Isn't What is Good For the Goose Good for the Gander?:

Progressives cannot help themselves but be hypocrites.  The same hypocrite who held pro forma Senate sessions to block GWB recess appointments is now all for Obama's illegal appointments during the current pro forma session. 

I know, it is not really news anymore.  Just don't wait for it to be pointed out in the traditional media.

Obama Intends to Cut the U.S. Military by Half a Million Soldiers While Sharing Sensitive Missile Technology With the....RUSSIANS!

The Administration has telegraphed its intention to cut the military man power by about half a million soldiers.  The U.S. will thereby not be able to fight a war on two theaters at once - the mainstay defense objective of our country for decades. 

All this while sharing missile technology with the Russians, Iran acquiring nuclear weapons and possibly locating their longer range missiles in Venezuela, and the Chinese eyeing Taiwan for possible invasion among many other trouble spots around the globe.

At least I am sure Carter is proud.  After all, there is no strategy like leading from behind for the only free super power in the world as the Administration made clear in the past.

DOJ Steers Countrywide Settlement Cash to Leftist Organizations:

As you will recall, Countrywide Financial had settled with the DOJ for $335 million in a discrimination suit.  The money is supposed to benefit those minorities who were allegedly discriminated against by being pushed in to sub-prime loans that featured higher interest rates than whites were being charged.

Now we find out that a significant portion of the money has been diverted to community organizations like ACORN.

What is a billion here and a billion there?  Whether it is under the name Pigford or something else, with friends in high places, there shall be reparations paid to African Americans one way or another (and whether you like it or not)! 

Obama Summer Youth Jobs Program Via Executive Fiat to Feature Mostly Unpaid Jobs:

The total expected cost of the summer jobs program initiated by another one of Obama's executive orders is pegged at $1.5 billion.  Of the nearly two hundred thousand summer jobs it will create, only 70,000 will be paid positions (that is about $25K per summer job created).

Unemployment Rate Falls (or Does It?):

The Labor Department reported that the U3 unemployment rate fell to 8.5% in December.  Or did it?  After the seasonal help is let go, we shall find out in about a month.
Nevertheless, U3 would be at 10.9% if we adjusted it for the size of the work force (as Obama worshipping Ezra Klein of WaPo admitted).  In real life, ever shrinking work force does not make an improving employment picture.

More deceptive statistics being peddled for dissemination via the media for consumption by the gullible.

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