"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It Is Not Just The Economy, Stupid

It amuses me greatly to see progressive punditry try to rationalize the repudiation of progressive policies by the citizenry by repeating the old political cliche "it is the economy, stupid".

To them, I have a new cliche: "it is the Constitution, stupid". 

Progressive policies inescapably center around massive, stifling federal government that is commonly referred among classic liberals as the "nanny state", yet what sets America apart from everyone else in the world is our almost genetically driven adherence to a Constitutional government as set forth in our founding documents. 

At every given juncture in history, Americans have rejected the role of central government in planning and controlling every aspect of their daily lives.  This in turn has allowed us to excell like no one else has.  This is what is meant by "American exceptionalism", which Obama and most Democrats simply, and admittedly, do not understand or believe in. 

Yes, occasional progressive eras have and will always derail America temporarily, but what sets us apart from everyone else is our can do attitude.  Deep down, Americans believe in personal responsibility; and despite intentional corruption of our culture, on the most part still behold traditional values that will reject progressive liberalism every time.  Today is just the latest one of those historic triumphs of the common sense of American people over the philosophy that governs everyone else.  May god bless America, now and for ever. 

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