"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kindergarten Foreign Policy

What do we get in return for our largess to the international community of various tin horn dictators and otherwise not-so-thinly disguised tyrants?
Nothing, to be sure.

The reward for abandoning Poland and the Czech Republic by giving away the missile shield last year was even more fervent Russian cooperation with Iran in their goal of obtaining nuclear weapons, as well as Mr. Putin’s recent visit to Venezuela to make arms deals with that hotbed of democracy. The price for abandoning Dalai Lama was China’s furtherance of their human rights violations as well as continued cooperation with Iran. Not only these two adversaries have steadfastly refused to prevent Iran from forging ahead with their nuclear ambitions, we have not even got the Chinese to commit to keeping us on our feet by continuing to finance our multi-trillion dollar indebtedness. How many out there have noticed that China who was the single largest holder of U.S. debt, having sold $34 billion in treasuries, has been recently replaced by Japan?

Then, of course, we have the troubling case of Honduras. Turning our back to democracy and backing a socialist who was planning to make his country the next domino to fall in the renewed zeal to bring Marxism to the world certainly sent a troubling message to the world, just like when we turned our backs to the oppressed or otherwise struggling peoples of Iran, Burma, Colombia, Cuba,….. ; and our allies in Israel and Taiwan (the list is sadly too long for a 14 month presidency!) While condemning the arrest of Zelaya, we have fervently backed likes of Chavez, Ortega, and Castro brothers to the point that our esteemed president has been put on a pedestal by these evil doers who actively plan on turning the hemisphere into the new cradle of Marxism in the world.

And now, we are ready to unilaterally disarm and, according to the administration, restrict our nuclear weapons policy like never before. Call it arms control amnesia, if you must. All the lessons learned from 40 years of arms control history seem to have been cast aside. The obvious danger of the situation is apparent only to those savvy enough to know the keen ability of the Russians to sense opponents' weaknesses and take advantage of them. It is an understatement, perhaps, to call Obama Putin's patsy. Giving up our missile defense shield for absolutely nothing in return, while our adversary is busy dealing with our enemies and threatening us with building up their nuclear stock piles further unless we share our missile defense technology with them is beyond comprehension and precedence.

The bedrock principle of good foreign policy never changes. Good intentions do not universally produce good actions. The misguided liberal belief that everyone must be trusted and treated equally to absolve the evils of the world has gotten the world nothing short of over 200 million dead people during the past century alone between Mao, Stalin, and Hitler (not to mention second and third class tyrants like Fidel).

In my view, the world is a playground and the United States is the adult supervision. The trouble is that the teacher has just left the premises and abandoned the playground to a bunch of kindergarten misfits. Those who called President Carter’s foreign policy disastrous must be wishing we had him back all over again.

My, my, how the mighty has fallen!

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